FiNS focuses on leading edge photonics approaches and technologies to understand brain structure and function.

Advances in neuroscience critically hinge on the development of approaches that enable probing and controlling cellular and molecular events in live cells and within the intact brain. Optical approaches are rapidly becoming central to bridge molecular and systems neuroscience.

This meeting brings together world leaders in the fields of photonics and neuroscience and showcases the latest technological breakthroughs to push further the limits of experimental, pre-clinical and clinical neuroscience.

It is an exceptional opportunity to catch up with the latest discoveries and conceptual advances in this field, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of open discussions.

Topics covered include:

  • Super-resolution optical microscopy
  • Image analysis & computational approaches
  • Optogenetics & photomanipulation
  • In vivo non-linear imaging
  • Single molecule techniques
  • Intrinsic molecular imaging and spectroscopy
  • Fiber probes for sensing, imaging, and stimulating