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This meeting, jointly organized by the University of Bordeaux and Laval University, is scheduled for October 1-4, 2013. It is the third edition of a successful conference series devoted to new frontiers in neurophotonics.
The first meeting took place in Bordeaux in 2008 the second one in Quebec City in 2010.

Download the Frontiers in Neurophotonics International Symposium – 2013 poster (964 KB)

For Neurophotonics 2013 we will once more focus on leading edge light microscopy approaches to understand brain structure and function.
The meeting will not simply showcase new methodology, but demonstrate how advanced optical microscopy methods are fast becoming central to neurobiological research, leading to fascinating research discoveries and stimulating conceptual advances.

The themes and methods we want to cover range from measuring single molecule dynamics at synapses to imaging sensory processing in intact brains, including computational approaches.

Invited Speakers

Angus Silver, London
Antoine Triller, Paris
Balázs Rózsa, Budapest
Brahim Lounis, Bordeaux 
Daniel Choquet, Bordeaux
Daniel Côté, Québec
David DiGregorio, Paris
David Holcman, Paris
Dmitri Rusakov, London
Enrico Gratton, Irvine
Florian Engert, Boston
Hans Ulrich Dodt, Vienna
Haruhiko Bito, Tokyo
Jerome Mertz, Boston

Invited Speakers

Mark Ellisman, San Diego
Markus Sauer, Würzburg
Matthew Banghart, Boston
Maxime Dahan, Paris
Melike Lakadamyali, Barcelona
Moritz HelmstaedterMartiensried
Robert Campbell, Edmonton
Stefan Hell, Göttingen
Stéphane Dieudonné, Paris
Thomas Mrsic-Flögel, London
Tim Murphy, Vancouver
Valentina Emiliani, Paris  
Xiaowei Zhuang, Boston
Yuji Ikegaya, Tokyo

Scientific Committee

Jean-Baptiste Sibarita, Bordeaux
Valentin Nägerl, Bordeaux
Laurent Cognet, Bordeaux
Yves DeKoninck, Québec
Paul DeKoninck, Québec

Organizing Committee

Marie-Noëlle Gouineau Bordeaux
Cédric Lopez Bordeaux
Mario Méthot,

Bordeaux has a striving neuroscience community, where imaging approaches take a central place. Moreover, early October is a very nice time of year in Bordeaux, right after the harvest.

Topics covered:

From single molecule detection at synapses to imaging network activity in the intact nervous system

  • Non-linear optics for high-resolution deep tissue imaging
  • Application of fluorescence to neurosurgery
  • Optical tomography
  • Photoablation techniques
  • Exploiting photoactivable ion channels to manipulate neuronal activity
  • Nanoscopy: super-resolution optical imaging at live synapses
  • Novel image analysis methods to extract molecular information below diffraction limits
  • Nanophotonics probes for biosensing and molecular tracking
  • Molecular dynamics in nanoscale compartments
  • Monitoring molecular interactions in live neurons
  • Overcoming temporal resolution challenges for optical monitoring of network activity
  • Multimodal imaging
  • Microendoscopy
  • Detection without labels