2022 Program

Venue: Musée de la Civilisation, 85 Rue Dalhousie, Québec City, QC, Canada, G1K 8R2

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Monday October 10, 2022

Plenary session #1

Sponsored by Evident
8h45 Welcome address
Flavie-Lavoie Cardinal
9h Markus Sauer
Molecular resolution fluorescence imaging
9h30 Jerome Mertz
Techniques forhigh-contrast voltage imaging
10h Na Ji
Interrogating synaptic activity athigh spatiotemporal resolution


10h30 – Coffee break

Plenary session #2

11h Lydia Danglot
Decifering neuronal and synaptic architecture at the nanoscale using quantitative super-resolving 3D microscopy.
11h30 Markita Landry
Near infrared nanosensors to image brain chemistry.
12h Chen Yang
Non-genetic Photoacoustic Neural Stimulation


12h30 – Lunch

Short Talks #1

14h Mathieu Ducros
Active Image Optimization for Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy in Brain Slices.
14h15 Antoine Légaré
Influence of neuromodulation on brain states and their transitions in larval zebrafish
14h30 Stéphane Bancelin
3D-STED microscopy in the mouse hippocampus in vivo
14h45 Angela Getz
Resolving and manipulating endogenous AMPA receptor dynamics in brain slices with lattice light-sheet microscopy


15h – Coffee break


Plenary Session #3

Sponsored by Plexon
15h30 David Perrais
Localization and function of endocytic zones in neuronal dendrites: relevance for synaptic plasticity.
16h Jennifer Li
Ancestral origins of cognitive maps in the vertebrate brain
16h30 Haruhiko Bito
Multiplex imaging of neural activity and signaling


17h – 22h Posters and cocktail dinner

Tuesday, October 11th

Plenary Session #4

Sponsored by Evident
9h Flavie-Lavoie Cardinal
Machine learning-assisted optical nanoscopy.
9h30 Drew Robson
Rethinking vertebrate sleep: the behavioral and neural organization of REM-like states
10h Edward Ruthazer
Functional plasticity in developing retinotopic maps


10:30 – Coffee break

Short Talks #2


11h Iason Keramidis
Hippocampal chronic optogenetic activation alters proteome and elicits synapse disruption.
11h15 Ivan Cotohernandez
Multiphoton Microscopy for Three-dimensionalhistomorphometry of Peripheral Nerve.
11h30 Catherine Bouchard
Generative Adversarial Network Assisted Super-Resolution Microscopy
11h45 Alex Klioutchnikov
A three-photonhead-mounted microscope for imaging all layers of visual cortex in freely moving mice.
12h Marie-Eve Paquet
Optimizing the development loop for real-world working optogenetics tools.


12h15 – Lunch

Plenary Session #5

Sponsored by BliQ Photonics
13h30 Chris Schaffer
Stopping epileptic seizure propagation with laser cuts to the cortex.
14h Caroline Ménard
Seeing is believing super-resolution imaging of stress-induced changes in the brain and gut barriers.
14h30 Harold MacGillavry
CRISPR/Cas9 approaches to study the dynamic nanoscale organization of synapses.


15h – Coffee break


Plenary Session #6

15h30 Ravi Rungta
Multiscale imaging of neurovascular coupling.
16h Daniel Choquet
Nanoscale synapse function and organization.

Renée Hlozek
Flashes of light from the sky to the brain: lessons learned from astronomy-biology collaboration.

17h30-22h Evening activities


Wednesday, October 12th

Plenary Session #7

Sponsored by CERVO
9h Minoru Koyama
Chemigenetic approaches for studying the assembly of neuronal circuits in zebrafish.
9h30 Laurent Groc
Defining the hippocampal extracellular space using single nanoparticle tracking
10h Anna Devor
Two-photon imaging through wearable and optically transparent neurorecording devices.


10:30 Coffee break

Plenary Session #8

11h Chris Xu
Technology development for multiphoton imaging of the brain
11h30 Jean-Claude Beique
Probing the nature and dynamics of eligibility traces in cortex using optical methods.
12h Bojana Stefanovic
Two-photon fluorescence microscopy of brain trauma


12h30 – Lunch

Short Talks #3

13h30 Céline Larivière-Loiselle
Polychromatic digital holographic microscopy for live-cell imaging.
13h45 Laurent Cognet
Single carbon nanotube localization microscopy in the NIR reveals brain extracellular space landscapes around synapses and in neurodegenerative conditions.
14h Claria Zaccaria
Platforms for single cell optogenetics to study memory in neuronal cultures
14h15 Vincent Breton Provencher
Using two-photon imaging to dissect spatiotemporal dynamics of the noradrenergic system.


14h30 Coffee break

Plenary Session #9

15h Patrick Desrosiers
The hidden low-dimensional dynamics of large neuronal networks.
15h30 Majid Mohajerani
Spontaneous activity, memory replay, and the default mode network
16h Rochelin Dalangin
Towards the next generation of genetically encoded fluorescent indicators for neuromodulators.
16h30 Yves De Koninck
Novel microprobes for in vivo opto-electrophysiology


17h – Last words